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Life Touch - Custom Framing Museum-Quality for Every Wall

           To simplify the pricing and ordering I have decided to go with one simple image rate, then I will assist you with the canvas ordering step since there are many options (size, edges, texture, frames, price, shipping) to choose from. Then I will add this exact service price to the price of the image(s) for your final cost. I have listed various vendors below as well as their locations for your convenience and I will present you with a detailed list when I get the options you want.
           So lets begin with the image. Please click on the gallery link and begin viewing. I have included some color variations on a few images so keep in mind I can customize any image to suit your particular taste or room color needs. Next, I will need the dimensions you would like for your wall(s). From here I can do the research and get back to you on exact prices, and options.  There are many options available such as floating frames, canvas textures, edges etc.

Basic Canvis print only, mounting not included:
1-image of your choice,40"x60" Canvas Print - $500
2-images of your choice,40"x60" Canvas Prints - $400 ea.
3+images of your choice,40"x60" Canvas Prints - $300 ea. This is the best value, and like my many clients you can extend this pricing to your business chain, family and friends! Each person will receive their order separately, shipped directly to their door.
Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

V/t: 1-573-797-0079

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